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If you wish to advertise on our Cyber Shop you have come to the right place
If your only Internet experience is by means of your smart phone, and you do not have a banking app and email set up on your smartphone, we will not be able to help you advertise your company on our Cyber Market. We need information your prospective clients need to know about you. We also need seven photos advertising your company. The photos must be at least 800 pixels on the longest axis. It’s best to send originals, we can make your original photos smaller but we cannot make your small images bigger.  Fill in your details here:
Important things to know:
4 months @ R120(R80)
8 months @ R240(R160)
12 months @ R330(R220)
Our prices are very reasonable: R30 per month per advert. The minimum term for your advert is 4 months (i.e. R120). You can buy 8 months for R240 and 12 months for R330. Welfare organisations and NGOs pay only R20 per month, which is R80 for a four month period, R160 for an eight month period, and R220 for 12 months. Attach your photos to an email to bob(at)thorsenservices. All payments must be made in advance. After we have recieved your correctly sized photos and details we will capture everything to the system and send you an invoice. When  payment reflects in our bank we will activate your advert and send you a notification that your advert period starts from that day. Those fields marked with an * are mandatory. The Vision and Mission fields can have other information in as well or instead of Vision and Mission. If you have a website, list it’s address here. If you have a Facebook page, copy and paste the address into here. There is plenty of space in Details for you to make a very comprehensive description of your goods and services.
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Thorsenservices Cyber Market
You have reached this page from a mobile device.  If you have a Laptop or Desktop, please use that to go to Thorsenservices.co.za  and select the “Do you wish to advertise on our Cyber Market?” link. You will need Internet Banking to finalise your advert. Else, if you do not have a Laptop or Desktop but you do have Email and Internet Banking on your mobile device, we will probably be able to assist you to place your advertise on the Cyber Market. If you wish to continue, please send an email to bob(at)thorsenservices.co.za and notify us that you not have a laptop or desktop but you do have Internet banking. We should be able to continue from there.